FoSSaCS 2001 - Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures

Conference Description

FoSSaCS seeks papers which offer progress in foundational research with a clear significance to Software Sciences. Central objects of interest are the algebraic, categorical, logical, and geometric theories, models, and methods which support the specification, synthesis, verification, analysis, and transformation of sequential, concurrent, distributed, and mobile programs and software systems.
Topics covered are in:

Accepted Papers

The list of accepted papers is available.

Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings of the conference are now available on line, on Springer-Verlag host: LNCS 2030

Program committee


Furio Honsell
DiMI - Università di Udine.

Invited Speaker

Gordon Plotkin, Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, UK


Papers must be submitted in three steps: When filling in the electronic forms, PLEASE USE CAPITALS ONLY WHEN SYNTACTICALLY NEEDED, so e.g. only at the beginning of your Name, not your FULL NAME.
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Authors who cannot submit their papers electronically should inform the PC chair at

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